Q: What is the minimum/maximum group size?

A: A minimum group size for air is ten people traveling together, and 16 people or 8 cabins for a cruise. For land packages the minimum is usually 20 people. There is no maximum group size.

Q: Why do I need travel insurance?

A: Travel insurance can be one of your most important purchases. No one plans to have an accident or incident but if something happens, the results can have serious financial implications.

Q: What are the benefits of booking a group?

A: 1. Potential free travel for the group organizer
2. Discounted travel for entire group
3. Guaranteed pricing for a period of time needed to promote your group

Q: What is required to book a group?

A: Most travel suppliers require some sort of deposit in order to secure the group space and rates. Each supplier has different requirements and CUonVacation will work with you to find the best fit for your group and pocketbook (sometimes we can get those deposits waived too!)

Q: Is booking a group a good way to fundraise?

A: Absolutely! If your organization is looking for a way to raise funds, group travel may be the way to go. Call CUonVacation and we can give you examples of some of the fundraising groups we've done along with the amount of money your organization can potentially make!

Q: I don't know anything about travel. How involved do I have to be to be a group organizer?

A: Not a problem! We are the experts! We will take care of all bookings, answer all questions and make sure your group members are happy campers. You will get a weekly update from us showing how your group is filling and we will work closely with you on ideas on how to promote the trip to your members.

Q: Why are group air rates sometimes higher than what I see online?

A: The airlines base their fares on multiple factors. When blocking group space, the airline computes an average price based on the number of seats. Sometimes that price is a little higher than what you may see online. However, what you see online is for a small number of seats. With the group rate, you have the rate locked in for all passengers. Also, you have a guaranteed rate for a longer period of time that doesn't have to be paid for until roughly 30 days before departure. The online flights must be paid in full at that time and are non-refundable.

Plus, depending upon the airline and the number of seats you use, your group might earn free air tickets!

Q: Can I market my group to all of CUonVacation's customers?

A: Unfortunately, no. We do not market our groups to our main customer pool. We have found that the most successful group organizers usually have a list of members to market to. Those are the people who will want to travel with your group. It's targeted marketing.

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